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Sterling Centre Clinic

A walk-in medical clinic in Vernon, BC.

Immunization Information


Suite 101 3210 25 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 1P1

The ground floor of the Sterling Centre in Vernon, BC.

Phone 778-475-8311
Fax 855-523-1673


Updated hours!
Clinic hours:
Mon - Fri 12noon-7pm
Sat - Sun 9am-1pm
Holidays 9am-1pm

These hours are subject to change. Updates can be seen on this page.
Given the demand for walk-in services, we will often have a waiting list. Because we are only able to see patients until the posted closing time, we may often close the waiting list before the posted time depending on the length of the list. Thank you for your understanding.
If a clinic is cancelled because of unforseen circumstances, we apologize for any inconvenience.


All patients are welcome.

Our physicians are local family doctors.

Uninsured Services

Many medical office services have been deemed non-essential and are not uninsured by MSP (government medical insurance) in BC. Current charges for some uninsured services are posted in the waiting room. These include notes for work or insurance forms, cosmetic surgeries, (some) wart removals and other services. Please discuss any concerns regarding fees with the staff before your visit with the doctor. Many of these fees are set in accordance with the B.C. Medical Association. For your convenience, we accept direct debit, Visa and Master Card.

Multiple Issues

It is not always possible to resolve multiple or complex issues in a single visit. In these cases, you may be asked to return for another visit. Please respect the time of other patients who are also waiting for physician services.


It is a Medical Service Plan requirement that you present a personal CareCard at each and every visit. Charges for services not covered by MSP are the personal responsibility of the patient. Charges will be discussed before the service is rendered. We accept debit and credit card payments. Payment is due in full at the time of treatment. We will be happy to discuss all fees and answer any questions you may have regarding our services.